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   jms-Concept Solutions Affiliate Program 





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jms-Concept Solutions operates an IT Canadian Business and sells around the world in 194 countries by providing over 100 products through 2 departments:


  • the SCOF-Concept Systems (Personal computer data Protection & Filing systems) and,

 jms-Concept Solutions is looking for AFFILIATES and is ready to give some of you the opportunity of promoting the SCOF-Concept products.

You are not jms-Concept Solutions employees, your status is independent affiliates. You are free to work hard or not, you go your own pace. 

 This offer is legal and ethic and there is no pyramid sellings system here. 




Fill out our Affiliate form (link at the page bottom). 


If accepted, an encoded connection will be sent to you. This connection is a link (URL) to our Website, a personalized link for each affiliate. 


All you have to do is talk about us and promote our products, THAT'S ALL. 


 These are Revenues for us and Commissions for you.


You have no right to resell our products through another platform than ours.

You have no right to modify, nor to alter in any way total or part of our products and names.




 1.  Promoting the jms-Concept Solutions brand and its products using your website (if you got any), your own blog, your favorite forum sites, by e-mails, or through your social media pages such as your Facebook page, your Lindkedin page,  etc... .


2. Use the affiliate personalized link-code supplied  and as soon as Internet Users click on your link-code to our site and buy, we will grant generous commissions of 80%, before tax, on the generated sales.


 All commissions are payable in Canadian Dollars Currency, every beginning of each month for the previous month or once reaching a minimum amount of 20$.


You are welcome to access your personal affiliate account 24/7, and check the accumulated commissions you made. 













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